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Long overdue update

If anyone stops by here anymore wondering what happened to the web site and me, here is an update.

I know I promised to get the shopping pages back up a long, long time ago then never did. To be honest I lost my desire to get back into working all hours of the night to fulfill orders trying to keep up with the competition that have employees to fill their orders whereas I do not. I got burned out.

So I made a decision to go back to college to pursue a career in health care. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do but kept making excuses not to pursue. So now I’m up all hours of the night doing homework instead. That’s irony for you.

So what about the jump ring business and all that wire I still have? Some time here in the near future I will make them again so that I can liquidate the wire I have on hand. Customers will have to understand though that I will not be burning the candle at both ends anymore to try to beat the competition. When I run out of what wire I have on hand I will not be reordering more.

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