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Flex Shearz

Flex Shearz The manufacturer says: "Flex Shearz have been specially designed to be the best, longest-lasting flush cutters available for both flexible stringing wire (max .024, 49 strand) and soft metal wire (max 18 gauge). They are easy to use, fast and comfortable, and since you won't have to keep buying flex-wire cutters over and over once you have these, the price below makes them economical too.

The handles are cushioned for comfort with a coil return spring and box joint construction. 5.25 inches in length. Cushions vary in color. The manufacturer also offers life-time re-sharpening service on them if they ever need it.

Economy Cutters

Cutters Precision manufactured of high carbon-hardened steel. Professional quality at an economical price. These cutters have box joint construction and double leaf return springs. The handles are cushioned and ergonomically designed for your comfort and to reduce fatigue. 5 inches in length. They have pointed tips that allow you to get into small spaces and cut away the ends of wraps. They can cut wire up to 14 gauge with a minimal amount of pinch left behind. Meant for use only on precious metals and other soft wire. Flexible beading wire such as Soft Flex or Beadalon will ruin them.

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