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Ring Tool

Ring Tool Machined stainless steel ring tool. This has 4 different sized slots to accomodate a variety of ring sizes. The largest slot can accept 14 gauge rings. The ring measures size 5 1/2 and only comes in this one size.

This is a wonderful tool to use to open a lot of rings quickly! Another thing I really like about this nifty little tool is that if you are holding a weave in your hand and you just need a few more rings opened to complete the weave but you don't want to put it down, you can have this ring on one of your fingers to open up those last few rings allowing you to still hold on to your weave.


Rubber grip awl. The perfect tool to use for opening up a little passage to insert a ring in those tight weaves. If you do any beadwork this is a wonderful tool for untying knots on bead strands or your children's shoes. It can also be used in the knotting method for strands of pearls or beads. This is one extremely versatile tool!

Ring Scoop

Bead Scoop Another wonderful tool that nobody should be without. Even though it's technically called a bead scoop this is the perfect tool for scooping up your rings (or beads) when you're finished with a project. I use this nifty tool every day to scoop up the rings I send out to all of you wonderful customers!

Tool Magic - OUT OF STOCK

Tool Magic Tool Magic is a heavy duty flexible rubber coating that you apply to the tips of your pliers. Application is quick and easy - just dip the tips of your pliers into the handy sized jar, slowly draw them out and hang them up for 2-3 hours. I prefer overnight. Once dried, the coating won't chip or crack.

Tool Magic dries smooth and soft so your pliers will really grip without ever marring your wire again. This product is excellent for your sterling, niobium, titanium, and enameled copper work. The real beauty of this product is that it is not permanent. Once you've finished working with it just peel it off the tips! You'll get as many as ONE HUNDRED applications out of one 2 ounce jar.

If thinning is desired, product thickens, or for clean-up, use naphtha, xylene (xylol), or toluene (toluol) solvents.

The supplied jar is glass and therefore cannot be shipped in a Priority Mail flate rate mailer. Your shipping charges will be adjusted accordingly to ship this product in Priority Mail box to prevent breakage.

Sunshine Polishing Cloth - OUT OF STOCK

Sunshine Polishing Cloth This is a thick, soft cloth embedded with gentle cleaning agents. It safely removes tarnish from gold, silver, copper, bronze, flatware, and many other surfaces. It can be used until it turns completely black. Will not harm gemstones. Convenient hand-held 5" x 7" size.


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