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Recommended Ring Sizes for Gold Filled

Here are some recommendations on ring sizes for chains based on my experience or that of fellow maillers. All rings mentioned are inside diameter measurements. Gauges are AWG. All recommendations given below are for Precious Maille's half hard gold filled and rose gold filled rings. Recommendations are listed in rings per inch (rpi). To figure out how many rings to order you need to determine how long of a chain you want to make in a given weave and size. You would then multiply the rings per inch (rpi) by the length you want your finished chain to be. More weaves will be added as I test them. In most cases the sizes recommended for sterling silver can also be used for gold filled.

Byzantine: 16 gauge 4.5mm. Somewhat heavy design but not overly large. 20 rpi.
Byzantine: 18 gauge 3.5mm. Mid weight design. Good overall size. 26 rpi.

Olivia Chain: 18 gauge 3.5mm and 18 gauge 5mm for the larger center rings. 40 rpi for the small rings and 5 rpi for the large rings.
Olivia Chain: 16 gauge 5mm and 16 gauge 6mm for the larger center rings.

Byzantine Flower Bracelet: 16 gauge 4.5 mm for the byzantine sections (15 rpi) and 16 gauge 7mm for the flowers (3.2 rpi).

Romanov: 18 gauge 3.5mm for the smaller rings and 16 gauge 4.5mm for the larger rings. Use 6mm beads in the middle.

European 4 in 1: 18 gauge 3.5mm.
European 4 in 1: 16 gauge 4.5mm.

Double Spiral (aka Rope): 16 gauge 6.0mm Heavy. 14 rpi.

Jen's Pind: 20 gauge 2.5mm. 21 rpi.

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