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Rose Gold Filled Square Wire

We've done it again! We've added rose gold filled square wire to our offerings! As most of you know we were the first to offer shaped wire rings for use in chain maille. We've now expanded our line to include rose gold filled square wire in 18 gauge. We have 16 gauge on order as well and will update the page when it arrives. The page does not yet have a photo of the rings but will be added very soon. Enjoy!

Washington State Sales Tax Law Change

Effective July 1, 2008 all customers in Washington state now pay destination based sales tax. What this means is that we now have to calculate out sales tax for our customers based on where they live or where the package is being sent to within Washington. Obviously since there are so many different sales tax rates within Washington there is simply no way our shopping cart can make that determination. Therefore we will have to make adjustments to sales tax due manually. This has no effect on individuals with business licenses.

Cutting Down on Paper Usage

We'd like to cut down on our paper usage in an effort to be more environmentally friendly. We've added a box in the shopping cart pages which allows you to select whether or not you would accept an Adobe PDF copy of your invoice emailed to you rather than a paper invoice in your package.

This is a required question that has to be answered before checkout can continue. Simply select YES or NO during the checkout process. We appreciate your patience while we test this cart option out.

New Ring Sizes and 1/2 ozt Quantities

Fractions of an inch sizes (Imperial) have been added to the Sterling, Argentium, Rose Gold Filled, and Gold Filled round wire rings pages. Counts have yet to be added but they will be filled in as time allows.

1/2 ozt quantities have been added to those pages as well.

Lindstrom Pliers

Lindstrom Supreme Flat Nose are back in stock. Small quantity on hand. Please note Lindstrom has redesigned their flat nose pliers. They've done away with the box joint and now have a lap joint with a screw. Lindstrom performed lab tests and found this design to be better which will give the pliers a longer turning life. In time all of their pliers will be redesigned with this new lap joint with the screw. Please do not adjust the screw yourself as this will void your warranty.

I'm sure a lot of you interested in purchasing Lindstrom tools have noticed that we are out of stock of quite a few them. About a year ago Lindstrom's parent company began their plans to expand manufacturing to two additional locations in France and Spain due to Lindstrom's Swedish plant operating at capacity. New manufacturing equipment was shipped to the new facilities but the machines took much more time to install than they had anticipated. This caused long delays in production which in turn caused the largest backlog Lindstrom has ever experienced in over 150 years of making precision hand tools. Consequently, our supplier has not been able to ship us the tools that we offer due to this production backlog. Unfortunately we have not been given any time frame as to when we can expect to receive the tools. We are sorry for this inconvenience but it is out of our control.

Phasing Out White Gold Filled Wire

We are going to phase out our supply of white gold filled rings. There just hasn't been much of a demand for this wire to keep it in stock. We have sold out of the 18 gauge and 20 gauge wire. We still have a few remaining ring sizes in 18 and 20 gauge and will list them on the page later. The sizes are all less than an ounce and will be marked accordingly when we list them. We still have about 10 troy ounces of the 16 gauge half hard wire. When it's gone, it's gone. There will be no reordering. We also have about 6 troy ounces of round dead soft 16 gauge white gold filled wire available to sell if anyone would like to purchase some to use to make their own clasps. Please inquire using the contact form for more details.

Customer Gallery

Check out what some of our customers have made with our gorgeous rings in the Customer Gallery ! Don't be shy. Send in your photos using our rings. We'd love to share them!


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